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Sell to your customers in-person

We give you easy ways to accept in-person payments at your store, restaurant, or even a local market.

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Make in-person sales

Use a Zettle card reader to take in-person credit and debit card payments with a chip, tap, or a swipe.

Offer a touch-free way to pay

A PayPal QR code gives your customers a safe way to pay you without handling cash or cards.

You could get added protection

Be as safe in the store as online. Encryption protects your transactions, while security features prevent the device from being tampered with.

In-person payment solutions for your business

Let customers pay at the counter, the sales floor, or from their table.

Accept credit and debit cards

Process in-person credit and debit card payments, contactless payments, and mobile payments, including Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Zettle's card reader and mobile application allow you to manage your activity and accept payments easily and securely in your store and wherever you are.

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Contactless payments without a card reader

QR codes give your customers a fast, touch-free way to pay you using the PayPal app. You can create and print your PayPal QR code, then display it for customers to scan. Your QR code is unique to your business, so you don’t need a new one for every transaction.

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Learn about the other ways PayPal can help you get paid, like accepting payments online, charging for services, selling on marketplaces, and collecting donations.

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