Seller Protection

PayPal can protect you as a seller


When you get paid with PayPal, you can be protected against buyer claims and chargebacks. So if there's ever a problem with a sale, we can help make sure that you won't lose out.

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We've can protect you

Most transactions go smoothly but if there's a problem, PayPal Seller Protection can help you. For example, if you receive an unauthorised payment or if a buyer claims that an item didn't arrive, we can protect you for the full amount - at no extra cost.

As long as a buyer pays you with PayPal, your eligible transactions are automatically protected.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must obtain proof of delivery that can be tracked online.
  • Seller Protection covers physical items only. Check that the item is eligible in the 'Transaction Details' in your PayPal account and in your confirmation email.
  • Eligible transactions between buyers and sellers in the UK, US and Canada qualify for Seller Protection. If you're selling on eBay, you can post to buyers in any of the 190 countries where PayPal is accepted and still be covered.
  • Only post to the buyer's address provided in the 'Transaction Details' and only accept payments in full from a single PayPal account.
  • If you deliver an item in person or post it in any other way that can't be tracked, you won't be covered.


The Seller Protection policy does not cover the sale of services, intangible or digital goods or prohibited items. For full details, please see our User Agreement.

Have you received a claim or dispute?

Managing disputes, claims and chargebacks

  • Disputes: If a buyer raises a dispute, they are attempting to resolve the problem with you directly before escalating it to a claim. Learn more about resolving disputes
  • Claims: A claim is where a buyer asks PayPal to make a decision on a case. It's important that you respond promptly to requests for information, such as proof of delivery and other documentation. Claims are handled through the Resolution Center
  • Chargebacks: A chargeback is when a buyer asks their credit card company to reverse a payment they have made to you. Learn more about chargebacks

We're commited to ensuring that any disputes and claims relating to PayPal purchases are resolved fairly for both buyers and sellers.