Security for Merchants

Lost sales. Compromised data. Missed opportunities. It's an unfortunate fact that online fraud can erode your business. PayPal helps protect you against fraud, so you can grow your business—and minimize losses.
We help your business stay secure.
  • Fraud rate among the lowest in the industry.

  • We protect sensitive information thanks to encryption technologies among the best ones available on the market.

We help you keep out fraud.
  • Our proprietary risk models help detect and predict fraudulent transactions - before they affect your business.

  • We use CVV2 checks to thwart identity theft.

  • And we employ patent-pending bank account verification as an additional level of authentication.
We help reduce your risk exposure
  • PayPal can protect you against losses due to chargebacks (conditions apply).

  • You can feel confident knowing there's a dedicated team on your side. Over 800 experienced agents are working to fight fraud on your behalf.

"Fraud is the main reason we went with PayPal. We were accepting credit cards with MasterCard and Visa directly, but the fraud rate was higher with the regular merchant account compared to PayPal. So we just shut that off and went with PayPal."

Steve Lugers