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Policy Updates


Notice of Amendment to PayPal Legal Agreements

Issued:  July 8, 2020


Please read this document.

We are making changes to the legal agreements that govern your relationship with PayPal. We encourage you to carefully review the notices below so that you are familiar with these upcoming changes.

There is no further action needed from you as these changes will take place automatically on the Effective Date shown below. In the event you would prefer to decline these changes and close your account, you can do so prior to the Effective Date without incurring any additional charges.

Updates to the Japan User Agreement

Effective Date: July 31, 2020

We are unveiling an entirely redesigned User Agreement for our customers. We have worked hard to make this new User Agreement a more user friendly experience with content that makes it easier for you to understand your rights and obligations when it comes to using PayPal’s products and services.

Here is what we have done:

We have redesigned the User Agreement to simplify its format, with new color-coded headings so you can find the information most relevant to your account more easily. We have revised and reorganized the content of the User Agreement to be easier to follow and to include information where you would naturally look for it. Except as described below, we are not changing the meaning of what we say, only how we say it and where you can find it.

In addition to redesigning the User Agreement, we are making the following changes to our terms:

  1. About Your Account

       We are adding the following pages and terms to the Legal Agreements page.

  • Collection, Retention and Use of Data by Sellers
  • PayPal Alternative Payment Methods Terms
  1. Ineligible items and transactions under PayPal’s Buyer Protection program

As part of ineligible items under PayPal’s Buyer Protection program, we have added the following:

  • Significantly Not as Described claims for wholly or partly custom made items or items picked up in person.
  • Payments made in respect of gold (whether in physical form or in exchange-traded form). 
  • Items intended for resale, including single item or multiple item transactions.
  1. Transaction eligibility for PayPal’s Buyer Protection program

The PayPal’s Buyer Protection program has been amended so that if you are a buyer, you must also attempt to contact the seller to resolve your issue directly before filing a claim through the Resolution Center.

  1. PayPal's Seller Protection Program

We have amended PayPal’s Seller Protection program eligibility requirements and expanded coverage. 

  • We are expanding our Seller Protection Program to include certain intangible goods and providing the terms and conditions with respect to the coverage of such intangible goods.
  • We are clarifying that our Seller Protection Program does not cover Unauthorized Transactions initiated in an environment not hosted by PayPal.
  • For “Significantly Not as Described” claims under our Seller Protection Program, we are clarifying that the item may not be returned to sellers or sellers may be required to accept the returned item and pay for the return shipping costs.
  1. Important Contact Information

Certain aspects of PayPal services are handled by our external vendors, such vendors now include the following companies:

ePerformax Centers, Inc.
7th Floor ePerformax/SCAPE Building, Macapagal Ave. cor. Pearl Drive,
Central Business Park 1, Brgy. 76, San Rafael, Pasay City 1302, Philippines

Teleperformance Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
170-11-01, Livingston Tower, Jalan Argyll, Georgetown, 10050 Penang, Malaysia

An updated User Agreement will be available for you to review on July 16 , 2020.  Please Click HERE to view once available.