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When you shop with PayPal, if something doesn’t arrive or isn’t as described, you have up to 180 days to get a full refund.

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A safer choice at checkout.

Simply file a dispute within 180 days to take advantage of PayPal Buyer Protection.

Online purchases

In case your item doesn’t match its description, is defective or doesn’t turn up at all, we’ve got your back.


In case an event is cancelled, your hotel is double-booked, or the new game you purchased couldn’t be downloaded, we’ve got you covered.

Custom made

Have your custom-made, leather dancing boots failed to make it to your door? Our Buyer Protection now covers eligible custom-made items too.

What’s covered

  • You bought a book but got a DVD
  • You bought a new item but got something used
  • You purchased 3 items but only got 2
  • Your purchase was damaged in transit
  • Your delivery was missing major parts that the seller didn't disclose
  • You bought an authentic brand but got a knock-off instead

Purchases that aren’t covered

  • Real estate
  • Motorised vehicles
  • Prepaid cards
  • Industrial machinery used in manufacturing
  • Items that violate our policies
  • Anything you bought in person

Keeping you safer.

Resolution support

If you have problems with a purchase, you could file a dispute through Resolution Centre and we’re here to help.

Fraud protection

We monitor every transaction 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. Learn ways to stay safer online.

Account support

If you’re concerned about suspicious activity, identity theft or phishing, report your suspicion.

Protect your purchases through PayPal.

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