Travel plans don’t always go as planned. But with PayPal, we can help you get a refund if your flight is cancelled, hotel double-booked, or a local tour experience doesn’t match what was advertised^.

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With a little extra peace of mind, you can go a long way from home.

From last-minute city breaks in Barcelona to jungle trekking in Nepal, PayPal provides a secure way to pay. Your card details are securely encrypted in one place with PayPal so you can enjoy your holiday no matter where you go.

Here are the other travel providers that accept PayPal.

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Travel plans don’t always go as planned, but PayPal’s Buyer Protection has you covered. If your tour is cancelled or your hotel’s double-booked, we may help get the money back on your eligible purchases^.

Secure Payments

PayPal never sleeps. We monitor transactions 24/7 and help keep your full financial information secure, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your full card details.

Reward Points

Choose the way you pay for your holiday and rack up rewards every time you shop with PayPal. Earn points* on multiple cards linked to your account and simply select your preferred payment method.

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^Eligible purchases only, within 180 days of payment.
*Reward schemes may differ when using PayPal. Please refer to your credit card provider for details.