Chargeback Guide Part 3 - PayPal

Chargeback Guide Part 3

PayPal helps you through the chargeback process.

If PayPal notifies you of a chargeback, you should immediately go to the PayPal Resolution Center.

The PayPal Resolution Center provides:

  • Transaction details.
  • Instructions on submitting additional information for the chargeback dispute.

PayPal has a team of chargeback specialists that work with you to make a case with the credit card company.

Notified of a chargeback?

If you've received a chargeback, want to check the status of a chargeback, or just want to learn more about the process, go to the PayPal Resolution Center.

How PayPal helps resolve chargebacks with sellers.

  1. Seller
  2. PayPal Chargeback Specialists
  3. Buyer's Credit Card Company
  4. Buyer
  1. Seller provides PayPal with specifics of chargeback, including all records of transaction (for example, proof of shipment).
  2. PayPal's chargeback specialist attempts to fight the chargeback on the seller’s behalf in order to recover funds from the buyer's credit card company.
  3. If the credit card company finds in favor of the seller, the buyer is charged for the transaction and PayPal returns the funds to the seller.

A more in-depth step-by-step guide on how to Respond to a Chargeback Filed With a Credit Card Company is available at the PayPal Resolution Center.

Chargeback coverage with PayPal Dispute Resolution.

If you amicably resolve a dispute through PayPal Dispute Resolution or win a PayPal claim, you are protected against any chargeback the buyer's credit card company later files for that transaction.

You must honor agreements made with the buyer during the dispute resolution process to be covered. If the chargeback comes in before the dispute or claim is resolved, you will not be covered.

Additional resources for sellers.

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