How do I close my PayPal account?

We’re sorry that you want to close your PayPal account. If you think you might want to use PayPal in the future, it’s unnecessary to close your account. You can use your account as often or as little as you wish. There’s no fee to keep your account open.

If something has gone wrong or you're having difficulty with your PayPal account, our Customer Service team are available to help you with any issue.

You may close your PayPal account by going to the website on a browser but not via the PayPal app.

Before you close your account:

  • Make sure you have a zero balance in your account, under your PayPal balance, click Withdraw funds.
  • If you need to open a dispute on a recent payment, wait until the dispute is resolved before closing your account.
  • If you’re still waiting to receive an item you’ve paid for, delay closing your PayPal account until after you’ve received it and you’re fully satisfied with it.
  • Remove all financial information such as bank accounts or credit card details.

You can't remove a card if the card was used for a pending transaction.

Here’s how to close your PayPal account:

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Under "Account options," click Close your account.
  3. Choose up to 3 reasons why you want to close your account and enter any additional information.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Click Close Account.

When you close your account, the following actions occur:

  • Your remaining PayPal balance converts to your primary bank account’s currency when you transfer the balance to your bank account.
  • Any unpaid payment requests for goods and services are automatically canceled.
  • You forfeit any unused redemption codes or coupons.

The steps provided are true to Israeli PayPal accounts only.