Request Money From Almost Anyone with an Email Address

Request payments from anyone with an email address
The easy way to ask people for the payments they owe you:
  • Get paid for a product you sold
  • Get paid for a service you provided
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Under the provisions of the Israeli income tax, anyone whose income derives from a business or profession shall keep books of accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax (Bookkeeping), 1973 (henceforth: "The instructions"). The payment request is not a substitute for producing documentation for instructions.


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How It Works

  • 1.Log in to your account and enter payer's email plus amount requested.
  • 2.An email alerts the payer to log in or sign up, and make a payment using a PayPal balance or credit card.
  • 3.You'll get an email notifying you of payment into your PayPal account.
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