Introducing the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard®

Instantly access your available PayPal funds to make purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted. With no monthly fee and 0,5% cash back on eligible purchases*.

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Bring on the business benefits

  • Shop anywhere with PayPal

    Pay in shops directly with your available PayPal balance, without going through your bank account.

  • Instant access to your PayPal funds

    Withdraw cash from your PayPal account from ATMs worldwide for a flat €2 fee per withdrawal.

  • Earn 0,5% cash back

    Every week, we’ll credit 0,5% of your eligible payments into your PayPal business account.

  • Cut out fees

    No monthly charges and no foreign transaction fees from PayPal on your international, online or in-person purchases*.

Quick and easy access to your PayPal balance

Enjoy instant access to your available PayPal funds – in-person and online, wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

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A card for all your business expenses

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It’s simple to apply and manage

No lengthy approval processes or long forms to complete. All you need is a PayPal business account.

  • 1 Apply today with your PayPal business account, or sign up for a PayPal business account to qualify.

  • 2 When your debit card arrives, activate it by logging on to your PayPal business account.

  • 3 Start buying in person and online.

  • 4 Keep track of all transactions in your PayPal business account.

PayPal Business Debit Mastercard

Be the first to request our new business debit card and get instant access to your available PayPal funds.

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Mastercard’s exchange rates for foreign transactions.

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Do I need to add balance to my business account before I use my debit card?

Your PayPal business debit card uses your available PayPal balance. If you link a bank account or a debit card to. Your PayPal debit card, the money will be pulled from your bank account or debit card when there isn’t enough in your PayPal balance to cover your purchase.

Click here for full terms and conditions.

Call +353 1 7617872 if you have more questions or +353 1 7617872 to activate your card via phone.

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