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​Grocery webstores had the highest traffic growth and mobile penetration out of all retail categories in Europe in 20202, and this shows no signs of slowing. Fast forward a year, recent PayPal data discovered that 82% of Europeans are now ordering their groceries online, while 62% have ordered food delivery either online or with a mobile app.3 Read the Research


A new way of shopping

The challenges ahead for grocers

New customer habits​

In a fiercely competitive market, differentiating customer experiences and building customer loyalty are critical

New omnichannel models​

Grocers are investing heavily in new ways of doing business to stay ahead and protect their margins

New working models​

Grocers are experimenting with a variety of new models to retain their shoppers and grow their business​

New tech investments​

Recent technological innovations help supermarkets improve customer experiences while also increasing sales, streamlining store visits and delivering targeted promotions

New (and old) ways of fraud​

Businesses struggle to keep up with the volume and sophistication of fraud attacks including card testing, account takeovers and promotion code abuse

Payment solutions to help grow your business

Growth Solutions

Tap into our network of 426M+ active accounts and 34M+ merchants worldwide, and leverage from insights from billions of transactions 4


Make them come back! Encourage repeat purchases by offering a payment method that adds trust and transparency to your experience

Checkout Solutions

Unlock split payments, subscriptions, endless aisle, in-app purchases, loyalty linkage, buy now pay later options (in selected countries), and more


Many of the most innovative grocery shopping experiences like zero-click shopping or easy to add items can be enabled by our modern payments tools

Operations Solutions

Help boost approval rates with optimized processing, powered by data from one of the largest card-on-file data vaults in the world. Just think, a 2% increase in approvals could translate into millions in previously unrealized revenue 3


Use a solution that’s additive, not disruptive. Choose from a menu of tools that can easily integrate with your current system. You have the power to turn on the features you want and keep the rest in your back pocket.

Risk Solutions

Benefit from an integrated, adaptive machine-learning platform that helps you stay agile while mitigating risk


Help keep customer credentials secure


Leverage chargeback tools that can help lower the number of fraudulent transactions and help you recover revenue from chargebacks filed fraudulently or mistakenly

The insights you need

Groceries here and now

Grocery webstores had the highest traffic growth and mobile penetration out of all retail categories in Europe in 2020,2 ​ and this shows no signs of slowing. Fast forward a year, recent PayPal data discovered that 82% of Europeans are now ordering their groceries online, while 62% have ordered food delivery either online or with a mobile app.3 ​ To help companies find a better path forward, PayPal sent out a team of surveyors to map out this new grocery landscape.​

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The future of European groceries 

PayPal has teamed up with TrendWatching, one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms, to identify the trends shaping the future of grocery shopping and food delivery. These insights, along with data sourced from proprietary PayPal research and expert interviews, offer signposts for your business to navigate this all-new, dynamic grocery retail terrain.​

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"Delivery services have become more and more efficient, so people have become more comfortably buying online."

Diane Coliche, General Executive Director, Monoprix

Food for thought

Staying ahead of fraud with PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced

As the global shift towards online experiences continues, enterprises must remain competitive by implementing fraud solutions tailored to this evolving digital landscape.

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The PayPal impact​

See how PayPal's consumer network can help you drive impact on your business results by capturing first-time buyers, encouraging repeat purchases, and helping improve customer satisfaction.

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What every grocer and food delivery business needs

PayPal works with 8 of the top 10 food delivery merchants across North America and Europe.1 On our Q4 2021 earnings call we shared that we recently expanded agreements with Instacart and DoorDash and welcomed Fareway Stores to the PayPal family.
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To help companies understand the new buying behaviors and prepare for the news challenges brought by these new ways of buying, PayPal sent out a team of surveyors to map out this new grocery landscape. Read our new research.

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1 Data taken from a survey that PayPal commissioned to understand Online grocery & food delivery trends across the UK & EU. This online survey was conducted by Maru/Matchbox between June 16 and July 30, 2021, among 5,003 participants. Roughly 1,000 interviews each were conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, among those who were household decision-makers who ordered their groceries online and/or ordered meal kits or food online from restaurants. 2 Ipsos MORI Conjoint Research, commissioned by PayPal, July 2018 (UK respondents). Online survey conducted across seven markets (UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, Australia, Brazil) with 1,500 respondents per market/10,500 total respondents (boost in Brazil to ensure 500 PayPal users), including 6,930 PayPal users. Respondents were online shoppers who have made a purchase in the last month, 2018. 3 PayPal internal data. Based on data analysis of 107 merchants’ card transactions (9 of which have an existing fraud solution) in high chargeback category (merchants with greater than 1% chargeback rate), from November 2019 through January 2020. These metrics are intended to represent potential results that may be achieved by using Fraud Protection for Enterprise. Results may not be typical and individual customer results may vary​. 4 Nielsen Behavioral and Attitudinal Research on behalf of PayPal, Q4 2020. 5 Nielsen Study, commissioned by PayPal, Nielsen Media Behavioural Panel of German (DE) with 175,653 desktop purchase transactions between October 2019 to September 202 to understand and measure the impact that PayPal has for 474 DE-based LE merchants across different verticals. 6 Statista/Nils-Gerri Wunsch, ‘Forecasted online grocery market size in selected European nations 2018-2023, 6 December 2021​. 7 Future Market Insights, 'Online Grocery Market - Analysis, Outlook, Growth, Trends, Forecasts' June 2020.