Buying is usually free.

The seller pays a fee to process the payment.

Buying in Hong Kong Usually free. A currency conversion fee may apply.
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Selling is as low as 2.9% + $2.35 HKD per payment within Hong Kong.

The more you sell, the less you pay. Our rates are competitive in the business. There are no hidden fees. You can accept all major card payments from over million customers worldwide. You don't have to pay anything until you get paid for selling something. International payments cost more.

See fees and charges for full details

Sell on website, through invoice or email payments in Hong Kong (standard rate) 3.9% + $2.35 HKD
Sell on website, through invoice or email payments overseas (standard rate) 4.4% + fixed fee based on the currency received1
Selling on eBay within Hong Kong (standard rate) 3.4% + $2.35 HKD
Selling on eBay overseas (standard rate) 3.9% + fixed fee based on the currency received1
Additional currency conversion fees may apply.
Discounted rate for merchants You can apply for our discounted merchant rates when you meet qualifying calendar monthly sales volume and keep your account in good standing order.
PayPal Heretm card reader 3.9% when you swipe a card or 4.2% plus $2.35HKD for manually entered transactions.
Virtual Terminal and Website Payments Pro – Hosted Solution have special pricing structures and may be subject to a monthly fee. See the details.
1 For example, for payments received in USD, the fixed fee is $0.30 USD.
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Sending and requesting payments.

Sending personal payments to friends and family is free for you and the recipient in Hong Kong when you use your PayPal balance. You can also use credit card or make an international transfer for a fee.

PayPal balance Free for you and the recipient in Hong Kong using your PayPal balance.
Credit or debit card 3.4% + $2.35 HKD per domestic transaction (the sender decides who pays this fee) when another payment method is used to fully or partially fund the payment, including a credit or debit card.
Outside Hong Kong2 Varies by country, from 0.3% - 1% when fully funded with your PayPal balance or 3.4% - 7.4% + fixed fee if paying with a credit card or any other payment method.
2 A currency conversion fee may apply to either the sender or recipient.
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