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Aug 26 2022 | PayPal editorial staff

You didn’t start your business because you loved the administration. That’s why PayPal helps streamline your operations, freeing your time to focus on the things you do love.
Here are 8 PayPal tools that can save you time and help you have happier customers.

1. Add a personalised customer service message.

You can create a personalised customer service message that customers will see before they register a dispute. This can be a great way to pre-empt formal complaints and resolve customers' queries as quickly as possible.

Simply go to Account Preferences, within Account Settings to create (or update) your customer service message.

You can include your customer service phone number and email address and use the message either to suggest customers contact you directly or to advise them of a current issue, for example, “All shipments from Singapore are currently delayed due to extreme weather.”
Create your personalised customer service message.

2. Update your Credit Card Statement Name.

If a customer doesn’t recognise a charge on their statement – possibly because your company name is different from your trading name – they could open a complaint.

You can avoid unnecessary chargebacks and queries by ensuring customers recognise your charge on their statements.

The Credit Card Statement Name is the name that will appear on your customer’s credit or debit card statements. You can change it in your PayPal business profile.

To help your customers remember where they shopped, make sure your Credit Card Statement Name is correct.
Update your Credit Card Statement Name.

3. Add additional users and assign permissions.

As a small business owner, you want to keep a tight hold of the purse strings, but that can mean you end up doing everything yourself.

That’s why PayPal lets you create additional users with individual permissions. Every user has their own login and password, and you can assign over 20 individual permissions to each person. That way, different members of staff can manage customer communications, access financial reports, manage your website integration or handle payments and refunds.

You decide, so you stay in control … without doing it all by yourself.
Add and manage users.

4. Add and manage currencies.

Did you know you can add and manage up to 22 different currencies in your PayPal account?

When you add a currency, any payments you receive in that currency will be credited to that currency balance. You can then convert the funds to a different currency or hold them in the same currency balance. That’s handy when you sell and buy across the world.
Add and manage currencies.

5. Resolve buyer’s queries quickly.

In even the best run business, things sometimes go wrong. It’s a normal part of business and the more transactions you process, the more customer complaints you’ll need to handle.

Even if – hopefully – they remain a tiny percentage of your total business, handling queries and potential disputes can consume a large amount of your time.

The PayPal Resolution Centre provides a convenient, single place to manage your ongoing disputes.

If a customer opens a dispute, you will receive an email notification from PayPal. You can then review the details, investigate, and post your response and proposed solution from the Resolution Centre. You can review the status of all disputes to ensure they are being handled efficiently to avoid them escalating into claims.
Visit the Resolution Centre.

6. Pick the notifications you need.

You can tailor the messages you receive from PayPal according to your preference. For example, if you sell a small volume of high-value products or services, you may want to be notified as soon as you receive a payment. If you run a high-volume retail site, a notification for every sale may be way too much. You can choose your preferences.

You can set up alerts for actions taken by your additional, secondary account users, set your cookie preferences and decide on the updates you wish to receive from PayPal.
Review your preferences.

7. All your activity in one place.

Save time by viewing your PayPal payments, Resolution Centre activity, customer lists, postage and packing and other reports from the PayPal activity centre. You can also keep track of unpaid customer invoices, fraud protection activity and any funds on hold.

You can create custom reports by time period, currency and activity type and download them in different formats for viewing or integration with other apps.

That means you always have your finger on the pulse of your ecommerce activity.
View your PayPal activity.

8. Improve your operations with customer insights.

The more you know about your customers, the better you can meet their needs.

PayPal’s Insight reports give you a richer analysis of your business than simply size and volume of transactions. You can see sales value, volume and average order value, but you can see much more, too.

Understand your business by the geographic location of customers, and by customer demographics of age group, gender and income bracket, along with their PayPal score (based on reputation and history). You can also analyse new versus returning customers, and sales conversion rates by mobile or desktop device.

And, of course, you can report and chart different time periods and compare this year to last.
Explore PayPal Insights reports.

Streamline your operations with PayPal.

These are just 8 ways that PayPal can help you streamline your business operations, freeing your time to focus on delighting your customers and growing your business.

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