Linking Credit or Debit Cards To Your PayPal Account

Feb 20 2020 | PayPal editorial staff


So you’ve signed up for your PayPal account and are a few steps away from faster checkouts. Adding a credit or debit card not only saves the hassle of looking for payment details each time you shop, it also better guards your data as you no longer have to type in your financial information on the different websites you check out on.  

Moreover, PayPal never shares your full details and monitors for any activity that seem unusual. We’ll send you a receipt for every payment, so you can keep track of your spending.   

The best thing is that using PayPal to pay is free. You won’t need to pay any fees to enjoy faster and safer checkouts, along with your card rewards and additional perks such as Buyer Protection# and refunds on return shipping costs for eligible goods*. 

Linking your credit or debit card 

There are various ways you can link your credit or debit card. If you haven’t already done so while signing up, you can do it at any time from your personal account.  

STEP 1: Link from your PayPal dashboard 

Once you’ve logged in, look for the Link a card button on your account dashboard and click on it. 

STEP 2: Enter your credit or debit card details 

Choose your card type and let us know your card details, which can be found on your physical bank card. Once you have done so, click Save.  

You’ll then be taken to your bank’s website to authenticate your cardOnce you enter the one-time passcode your bank will send to confirm your card, you’re done!  

STEP 3: Add new credit or debit card  

Using PayPal doesn’t mean you lose out on card perks. In fact, your account allows you to pick and choose the card that gives you the preferred reward points, miles and cashbacks. All you need to do is link each card once — so go ahead and link more credit or debit cards to your PayPal account to have all your rewards at hand.

Remove A Credit or Debit card 

To remove a credit or debit card, simply go to the same page under Payment Methods and select the card you want to remove. Click on Edit, and then Remove Card, and it will no longer be linked to your PayPal account. 

What to do next

Now that you have your account and credit or debit card linked and ready to go, it’s time to shop on more stores all around the world. Don’t forget, you’re covered with our Buyer Protection# when you check out with PayPal, and enjoy refunds on return shipping costs for eligible items*. You can also receive payments from others when you link your bank account.

The contents of this site are provided for informational purposes only. You should always obtain independent, professional accounting, financial, and legal advice before making any business decision.

*Up to 3 refunds to the value of $20 USD each until 31st December 2018. Terms and conditions, including our user agreement, shall apply.  


#For eligible orders within 180 days of payment. See Terms and Conditions for further information 

Frequently asked questions.

When you make a payment with your PayPal Hong Kong account, the money can come from your PayPal balance, and your debit or credit card with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover logo.  Linking a credit or debit card to your PayPal account is easy and you can start shopping quickly. If cards aren't an option for you, you may top up your PayPal account from your bank account.

You can set up your preferred way to pay, such as a credit card linked to your PayPal account, and we'll use it every time when you shop online or send a payment for goods or services.

If you haven't selected any preferred way to pay, your available PayPal balance (earned through top-up or payments received from others) will be your default payment method. If you don't own any balance, we'll use another payment method linked to your account. If you have some balance but not enough to make the payment, we'll use the balance plus another available payment method.
Website Payments Standard (WPS) offers a straightforward and quick way for you to securely accept payments on your website. Customers can pay by using their credit or debit card, or through their PayPal account. You handle the sales while we handle everything from the checkout process to security and mobile compatibility. Plus:
  • No advanced programming is needed.
  • Your customers don’t need a PayPal account to pay you.
  • It’s optimised for customers on smartphones or tablets.
And unlike many full payment-processing solutions, Website Payments Standard has no application, setup or monthly fees, or long-term commitments. You only need to pay a small fee when you make a sale. Learn more about PayPal fees.

How does it work?
Adding WPS to your website doesn't require advanced technical knowledge. You can simply add PayPal payment button code to your website. When your buyers click on the buttons, they’ll be directed to PayPal’s payment page to pay you.
  • If you need a shopping cart: Choose a shopping cart that's already integrated with PayPal, or add our "Add to Cart" button to your website.
  • If you already have a shopping cart: Select PayPal as your online payment service. If you have a custom-built cart, add PayPal by cutting and pasting HTML code into your checkout.
Website Payments Pro – Hosted Solution is a customisable payment system that allows Hong Kong merchants to accept payments funded by all major credit and debit cards. You can create the online checkout experience that’s right for your customers – from branding, look-and-feel, to back-end integration.

Here are some features and benefits of Website Payments Pro – Hosted Solution:
  • Easy integration with popular shopping carts.
  • Keep your customer engaged with your site through the checkout.
  • Accept credit and debit cards in 16 currencies.
  • Accept payments over the phone, fax, or mail orders with Virtual Terminal.
To learn more about the product, fees, and application details, please visit Website Payments Pro – Hosted Solution.
If you own any PayPal balance, it’ll be your default funding source. However, you can select a debit or credit card as your preferred way to pay, and we'll use it every time when you shop online or send a payment for goods or services. Learn more about how to link a card.

Here's how to set your preference:
  1. Go to Money.
  2. Click Payment preferences.
  3. Select your preferred card, and click Confirm.

Whether you’ve set any preference or not, you can always change again how you want to pay for a transaction during checkout. Simply click Change payment method on the payment page.
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