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Aug 19 2021 | PayPal editorial staff

BetterMe was founded in 2016 and is currently the fastest growing company within the USD 170B Health & Fitness market. They are now determined to push beyond being the #1 app publisher in Health & Fitness by expanding their Super App even further.
As a mobile based platform, BetterMe had processed its total online volume solely through iOS and Android app stores, up until several months ago. However, their customers wanted to be able to work out across multiple devices. BetterMe strategically moved beyond mobile to create a cross platform experience for their customers with a desktop version of their app. As a highly data driven company, BetterMe analyzed the most effective path to transition from app to desktop. They knew they needed the right payments partner for this shift to multi-platform.

With robust capabilities on both mobile and desktop, PayPal was the perfect payment solution to create a secure, seamless experience across devices. PayPal Checkout introduced a frictionless payment flow via web and offered BetterMe customers a safe and secure way to pay. “We were able to attract and onboard completely new audiences because, thanks to PayPal, our clients receive increased security on their purchases. PayPal is a quintessential element of trust for many users,” said Victoria Repa, CEO & co-founder of BetterMe. With PayPal’s Billing Agreements, BetterMe’s monthly subscriptions were able to easily renew via the creation of a token that is stored in the customer's payment profile.

In just 90 days after launching PayPal, BetterMe saw impressive results, experiencing a doubling in conversion rates. “Thanks to PayPal, we are well positioned to explore new growth opportunities on the web,” added Repa. The integration of PayPal checkout and launch of BetterMe’s web application increased the number of new paying users 1.5x across all platforms. The expansion of BetterMe’s platform to larger screen devices has also created opportunities for additional features, functionality, and content. PayPal has helped BetterMe scale by providing the payments expertise and support needed for exponential growth.

"With the addition of PayPal, we increased the overall approval rate by 6.4%. However, the biggest benefit was that we were able to attract a very significant number of new clients. The clients were reluctant to onboard while being presented with a credit card as a single checkout option. So, the addition of PayPal resulted in our product conversion rate almost doubling."

Ruslan Kovalenko, Head of Business Development, BetterMe

"PayPal is core to our success over the next 5 years. We are so grateful for our partnership & look forward to continuously collaborating to help us understand our customers more closely and ultimately provide them with better services."

Victoria Repa
CEO & co-founder of BetterMe betterme.world

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Of course. You can access your PayPal.Me link on mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.

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You can manage your information by going to your PayPal.Me link and clicking My PayPal.Me., or go to your account settings and click the PayPal.Me profile.

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When using the PayPal app, I don't want to be listed in the PayPal search directory. How can I opt out?
You can opt out of the search directory at any time by visiting your PayPal.me settings.

Check out the list of countries where you can get your own PayPal.Me link.
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Once you've created your link, it’s permanent and will never expire. You can choose to turn it off and on as often as you like.
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