Access an Account Base of 220 million, and Growing

Increase your online sales.

With PayPal, you open your doors to a network of 230 million accounts—growing by 104 500 a day worldwide.

Your business gets access to proven, active online shoppers, and the potential to increase sales significantly.

Extend your reach.

Use PayPal, and turn your website into a global online store. Accept payments in 24 currencies, and sell to shoppers in 203 countries and regions.

You can also accept multiple payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal account-balance payments. Your buyers get more flexibility, and you get more sales.

Access active buyers.

PayPal account holders transact an average of over $8,1 billion USD through PayPal every quarter. That's $2 million USD per hour, and $48 million USD a day. Plus, over $750 million USD is stored in PayPal accounts, which is turned over every two weeks. Stored balances encourage impulse purchases and increased buying.

Meet your customers' payment needs.

Since PayPal is an easy and secure way to pay, seeing the PayPal payment option during checkout increases buyer confidence and improves sales conversion.

In fact, over 80% of our users say they're more likely to buy from an online business a second time if that business accepts PayPal.*

Get started today.

Integrating PayPal into any existing checkout is simple. No downtime, and minimal resources are required.

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*Results from a GLS Research survey of existing users, July 2004.