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General Terms for Kauf auf Rechnung (“Payment upon Invoice“)

  1. How Payment upon Invoice works
    Payment upon Invoice is a PayPal service for merchants. If you select Payment upon Invoice as a payment method, the respective merchant assigns their claim for the purchase price to PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (“PayPal”). The merchant remains your contractual partner. You may still exercise your contractual rights against the merchants. Payments to discharge your obligations can only be made to PayPal.
  2. Payment obligation and dunning fees
    You are obliged to pay the purchase price to PayPal. If you fail to fulfil your payment obligation until due date, PayPal is entitled to claim a lump-sum dunning fee as damage caused by default. Your right to prove that lesser damage has been caused remains unaffected. Dunning fees amount to EUR 4.70 for the first and EUR 4,70 for the second dunning (9,40 EUR in total for both); which we send after you have been put in default.
    Further collection charges may apply.
  3. Questions regarding Payment upon Invoice and Processing Errors
    If you believe that a processing error occurred or if you have other questions, you may contact our customer service anytime. You can find our support hotline or contact form here.
  4. Notifications
    You agree that PayPal may contact or inform you by email, mail or telephone (call or text message).
  5. Governing Law
    These terms shall be governed German law.