How can I make a formal complaint to PayPal?

We aim to provide you with the highest possible standard of Customer Service. Yet sometimes things can go wrong. If this is the case please let us know and we will do our best to find a quick and fair solution to solve your issue.

We will keep you updated throughout our investigation and we will endeavor to resolve your complaint within 4 weeks. More complex situations may require further investigation, if this is the case we will give you regular updates until we can provide you with a response.

To submit a formal complaint to PayPal:
  1. Go to Message Center.
  2. Click Compose.
  3. From the 'Choose Topic' dropdown, select 'File a complaint'.
  4. From the 'Choose a sub-topic' dropdown, select 'How to make a formal complaint to PayPal'.
  5. From the 'Choose a sub-topic' dropdown, select a reason for your complaint.
  6. Read the 'Complaint Code of Practice'. If you're sure you still need to submit a formal complaint, complete the form with your details and click Send.
We'll do our best to provide you with an answer or resolution to your complaint within 4 weeks. This time frame may be extended to 8 weeks to accommodate our investigation. If we need to extend this time frame, we'll notify you after 4 weeks and outline the investigation to date.


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