Authorization & Capture
Technical Overview
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Technical Overview

Authorization & Capture allows for an extended order fulfillment period so you can modify the original authorization amount because of changes (such as taxes, shipping, or item availability) that occur after the order is placed.

You can make two types of authorizations: order authorizations and basic authorizations. Use order authorizations in the following cases:

  • You don't want your buyer's balance to be put on hold
  • You need more time to complete your buyer's orders
  • You need to make multiple authorizations as you fulfill parts of your buyer's order
How It Works

Authorization & Capture starts when your buyer authorizes a payment amount or when an order is authorized. Pass in the Authorization & Capture variables to initiate the process. Then you can complete various actions using the PayPal website or through the PayPal APIs.

Note: You must complete the following order-related actions through the PayPal API:

  • Initiate an order authorization
  • Capture an order authorization
  • Capture an order
  • Void an order or an order authorization
For more information on the general processes for using Authorization & Capture, please see the Authorization & Capture Integration Guide (PDF, 842 KB, June 2005).