We work for your protection

Leading fraud prevention systems are only one of many reasons that make PayPal Payments safe. We use proprietary technology and constantly improve this to prevent fraudulent activity and offer you a secure payment system.

Special protection around the clock

PayPal uses leading technologies and especially developed risk models to monitor all PayPal transactions. This way we notice fraudulent activities in time and alert you to unusual activities.
  • We evaluate transactions according to hundreds of variables to pinpoint potentially suspicious activity

  • Our unique method for credit card verification provides an additional level of security because this way we make sure you are the legitimate owner of the credit card. This lowers risk and increases trust for the entire PayPal community.
Experts work behind the scenes to help protect you.

Not only does PayPal use leading technology, it also has a team of experts who protect you. This means that fraud does not have a chance.
  • If we notice unusual account activity in your account, we’ll contact you immediately

  • We work with the eCommerce industry to shut down fraudulent websites.
Many PayPal employees work in fraud prevention

Our Fraud Investigation Team is dedicated to creating a safer PayPal community. Our team includes former law enforcement officials with experience fighting online fraud.

PayPal’s Fraud Investigation Team focuses on:
  • Identifying and helping prevent fraud before it occurs

  • Detecting fraud in progress
  • Working with law enforcement around the world to help stop those committing online fraud
These recent case studies illustrate how our Fraud Investigation Team works to make sure that PayPal remains the safe way to pay online. Please click on the links below to learn more:

PayPal helps apprehend an identity thief

PayPal works to arrest merchants who didn't deliver goods

PayPal ensnares a criminal who sent fraudulent emails

Our dedicated fraud teams, in combination with our advanced technology, ensure your account remains safe.