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The PayPal Seller Protection

PayPal ensures that you can concentrate fully on your business – because with the PayPal Seller Protection we take over your risk management on

Protected against non-payment

With PayPal you offer your customers more popular payment methods than only mEFT like e.g. credit card. What is an attractive service for your customers can be a risk for you. Because payments via credit card can be charged back by the buyer. PayPal protects all your payments on against non-payment.

Protected with the PayPal Seller Protection against non-payment:

  • Chargeback or cancellation of payments, which were not authorized by the owner of the PayPal account.
  • Chargeback or cancellation of payments, if the buyer did not receive an item.

All we require from you to be covered is to ship professionally:

  • With valid proof – Please make sure to keep a valid proof.
  • Right shipping address – Ship to the buyer address registered with PayPal.
  • Ship in a timely manner – Try your best to ship the item within 7 days.

Note: No protection for payment risks can be granted if you violate PayPal’s User Agreement, e.g. when surcharging buyers for PayPal payments. In addition, payments by installment are also excluded from coverage. Digital goods, services and personal delivery or pick-up are not permitted either. For further information refer to our Seller Protection Policy.