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It’s simple: When you add PayPal to your payment options, your transactions will be secure. Our integrated solutions enable your business to accept credit card and PayPal payments in Canada and from around the globe.

Make convenience a priority


Get paid online, on mobile, in person or by email.


Give your customers the reassurance of simple, secure transactions.


We monitor transactions for fraud in real time to help keep your business secure.

We have the right products to suit your organization’s needs.

PayPal Checkout

Add a PayPal button to your existing payment solution. In a few easy steps, your customers can speed through checkout using their payment of choice.

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PayPal Payments Pro

Accept PayPal payments, credit & Visa debit cards, all on your website. Plus, you can accept phone and in-person payments with our Virtual Terminal tool.

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PayPal Invoicing

Get your money faster when you create and send detailed invoices easily using our customizable templates.

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"FastSpring supports thousands of businesses around the world that are transacting with us every day. Our most-successful merchants have a healthy dose of PayPal in their payments that they process."

- Mike Smith
CTO at FastSpring

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