Payback is a breeze.

Request money online from almost anyone for just about anything. You can send a payment request with just an email or mobile number in an instant. Use it as a simple reminder to a friend for their share of the bill, or to pay you back for a gift. Funds go quickly into your PayPal account, and if your friend doesn't have a PayPal account, they can easily open one for free.


Log in to PayPal and choose ‘Request Money’ under ‘Create an invoice’


Add a note that personalizes and explains the payment request.


See your money go into your account when it gets paid.

A friendly reminder.

Requesting money is an efficient and polite way of asking for money you’re owed. Whether it’s for something you bought or because you picked up the tab, don’t feel like the bad guy. Sometimes people forget and this is a friendly payment request reminder.

Cash is no longer king.

Not having cash is no longer an excuse. Anyone can send you money using PayPal from their linked bank account, PayPal balance or credit card. Sending a payment request is simple. And if they don't already have a PayPal account to pay you, they can open one quickly for free.

So many ways to get paid.

You can request money by sending it to your friends via email or mobile number. If they don’t have a PayPal account yet, they can open one quickly and then pay you with their bank account, PayPal balance or credit card.

We’ve got your back.

From fraud protection to 24-hour monitoring and advanced encryption, we’re serious about protecting you and your customers.

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Low fee.

Request money from friends or family around the world. It’s only 2.9% + $0.30 or less per paid request. Additional fees required for foreign currency.

Just ask.

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