Why is my PayPal account limited?

There are several reasons why your PayPal account may be limited. Here are some examples:

Unauthorized use

We may limit your PayPal account to protect you from potential losses and review any fraudulent activity if:

  • We believe someone accessed your PayPal account without your authorization
  • Your bank informs us that someone may have used your card/bank without your consent
Account limits

You reached your sending, receiving or withdrawal limits and haven't yet completed the steps to remove them.

Higher-risk activity

Examples include:
  • You received a higher number of claims and chargebacks than usual
  • You started selling a completely new type of product, such as much higher value items
  • Your sales volume rapidly increased, which is out of nature with your usual sales patterns
Inactive account

As an extra security measure, we may also limit your PayPal account if you haven’t used it much since you signed up. To restore access to your account, provide a Proof of Identity (such as copy of your driver's license, national ID card or passport). To upload it, click the notification on your Summary page and follow the instructions. 

If your PayPal account is limited, go to your Resolution Center for more information on why the limitation was placed and how it can be removed. Once you complete all the required steps, we'll remove the limitation from your account.