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If you're not happy with an online purchase, you can send PayPal a request to refund the return shipping costs. Click here for the terms and conditions that are applicable to the service.

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By clicking the button "Activate in 1 Click", I activate the Refunded Returns service for free and consent to the General Conditions of Use.

Returns refunded worldwide.

With the Refunded Returns service, you are entitled to a refund of up to €30 per return, and you can get up to 12 refunds per calendar year. In order to get a refund, your transaction must be eligible.* You will need to activate the service once. After that you can request a refund directly from your PayPal account and using the transaction’s details.

Not right? Not a problem.

The following may sound familiar. You have ordered a product online, but when you get it, it's not really what you expected. You would like to return it, if only the return costs wouldn't be that high. For situations like this, PayPal offers the Refunded Returns service. If your transaction meets the criteria, PayPal will reimburse the return shipping costs.*

Asking for your refund is easy.


Pay with PayPal.
Once you've activated the service, if your transaction is eligible and your request is approved*, your return shipping costs will be reimbursed.


Change your mind.
Send your purchase back to the store and keep the shipping receipt.


Make a claim.
Log in to your PayPal account and select the transaction of the item you returned. In the transaction’s details, click on “Request a return shipping refund”, collect and submit all the supporting documents requested.

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Wait for the approval.
If approved, your refund will be credited to your PayPal account within 5 days.

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*The Refunded Returns service is offered by PayPal Pte. Ltd, in partnership with TELUS International Europe, the service provider. See General Conditions of Use.