Buying something with PayPal.

It’s free to use PayPal to buy something in Belgium

Buying online or instore: Free (when no currency conversion is involved).

Sending and receiving money.

It’s free to use PayPal to send or receive money between friends and family in Belgium, as long as the payment is funded by PayPal balance, and no currency conversion is involved.

If you fund the payment using a debit or credit card, or make an international transfer, we charge you or, in some cases, the recipient a small fee. A currency conversion fee may also apply.

We think that’s pretty fair.

Payments funded by the sender’s PayPal balance: Free for payments within the Belgium (when no currency conversion is involved). A small percentage-based fee applies to cross-border payments, depending on where the sender and the recipient are based. The sender usually chooses who pays the fee.
Payments funded by the sender’s debit or credit card:

A debit/credit card fee applies:

3,4% + €0,35 EUR per transaction (the sender decides who pays this fee).

Small cross border fee of between 0,4% to 1,8% (depending on where you’re sending the money). A transaction fee of 5.2% + 0,35€ will also apply if you use a debit or credit card to send the money.

Selling with PayPal.

We help process payments for millions of customers worldwide. Our seller fees are simple and transparent: PayPal charges sellers a fee of between 1,7% and 3,4% of the total sale plus €0,35 EUR per transaction within the Euro zone. The fee depends on how much you sell, so the more you sell, the less you pay. Check it out.

Standard transaction fee within Belgium: 3,4% + €0,35 EUR per transaction.
Discounted fee for eligible merchants and not-for-profit organisations (upon application and approval): As low as 1,7% + €0,35 EUR per transaction based on volume.
Micropayments within Belgium (upon application and approval): 5% + €0,05 EUR per transaction.

See our User Agreement for details of these transaction fees and other fees that may apply.

Your monthly sales up to €2.500 EUR up to €10.000 EUR up to €50.000 EUR up to €100.000 EUR > €100.000 EUR
Transaction fee 3,4% + €0,35 EUR 2,9% + €0,35 EUR 2,3% + €0,35 EUR 1,9% + €0,35 EUR 1,7% + €0,35 EUR
Non-profit rate 1,7% + €0,35 EUR
Micropayments* 5% + €0,05 EUR