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How to make a formal complaint to PayPal

PayPal Complaint Code of Practice
At PayPal, we aim to provide you with the highest possible standard of Customer Service. If you feel that the level of service you received was unsatisfactory, please let us know so that we'll have the opportunity to set it right.
How can I make a complaint:
If you require assistance with creating a dispute or claim against a seller, we recommend that you contact our Customer Support or visit the Resolution Center. If you're having difficulties logging into your account or can't recover your password please call us so we can assist you. We will be able to reset your password over the phone.
Formal complaints against PayPal can be submitted by clicking Continue below.
What we'll do and when:
We'll do our best to provide you with an answer or resolution to your complaint within 4 weeks. This timeframe may be extended to 8 weeks to accommodate our investigation. If we need to extend this timeframe, we'll notify you after 4 weeks and outline the investigation to date.
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