Directory of Features

Take a look at this comprehensive list of PayPal tools designed to help you buy and sell efficiently. Some features may not apply for all countries and regions at the present time. But our features list is constantly growing and expanding globally, so stay tuned for more options coming soon to your PayPal site.

Product NameDescriptionAction
Business SizeAccount Type
IndividualSmallLargePersonalPremier and BusinessInternational (Outside US)
Website Payments
Shopping CartLet your customers browse your selection and buy multiple items off your website.Learn MoreXXX
Subscriptions and Recurring PaymentsAccept recurring payments with flexible, automated payment requests.Learn MoreXXXX
Buy Now ButtonsEnable e-commerce on your website by letting your customers buy single items quickly.Learn MoreXXXX
DonationsEasily accept credit card and bank account donations with a payment button or email link.Learn MoreXXXX
Checkout with PayPal Account OptionalMake signing up for a PayPal account optional for your buyers, and watch customer satisfaction and completed sales increase.Learn MoreXXXX
Custom Payment PagesGive your customers a seamless checkout experience by customising your payment page with your colours and images.Learn MoreXXXX
Auto ReturnBring buyers back to your site immediately after they pay to get more upsell opportunities.Learn MoreXXXX
Subscription Password ManagementEnable your subscribers to access 'members-only' content on your site.Learn MoreXX
Encrypted Website PaymentsAutomatically encrypt parameters of your payment button, such as amount and quantity.XXX
Online Logo CentreEasily access graphics to communicate to buyers that you accept PayPal.Get StartedXXX
InvoicingSend professional invoices with line-item details quickly and easily via email.Learn MoreXXXX
Request MoneyRequest money easily from anyone with an email address.Learn MoreXXXXX
Payment Request WizardGet paid faster by putting payment buttons in your Outlook or Outlook Express email messages.Learn MoreXXXXX
eBay Tools
End of Auction EmailCustomise the End of Auction email that eBay sends your winning buyer when your listing closes successfully.Learn MoreXXXXX
PayPal PreferredEarn cashback on PayPal ATM/Debit Card purchases when you promote PayPal as your preferred payment method.Learn MoreXXX
Reporting Tools
History LogView a secure and detailed online record of your PayPal transactions.Learn MoreXXXXX
Downloadable LogsDownload your Transaction History into various file formats to keep track of your transactions for financial settlements, reconciliation and fulfilment.Learn MoreXXXXX
Settlement & Reconciliation SearchAutomatically settle PayPal payments and perform daily reconciliations.Learn MoreXX
Monthly Account StatementsView or download a summary of all credits and debits that affect your account balance each month.Learn MoreXXXX
Advanced SearchEasily find a particular transaction or subset of transactions.XXXX
Scheduled Downloadable LogAutomatically schedule regular times to download your daily log of transactional activity for fulfilment purposes.Learn MoreXXXX
Postage and Tax
Postage CalculatorAutomatically include postage amounts for PayPal Shopping Cart, Donations and Buy Now buttons.XXXXX
Packing SlipEasily create a postal receipt for sold items.XXXX
GST CalculatorAutomatically collect GST for PayPal Shopping Cart, Donations and Buy Now buttons.XXX
Other Seller Tools
Multi-User AccessAssign multiple users individual levels of access to a single PayPal account.Learn MoreXXXX
Credit Card Statement NameAdd a business name to be included on your customers' credit card statements.XXXX
Integration with Backend Applications
Instant Payment NotificationGet real-time purchase confirmation via server-to-server communications.Learn MoreXXX
Payment Data TransferReceive notification and details of successful transactions as they are made.Learn MoreXXXX
Developer CentralFind all the latest technical information about developing e-commerce applications and websites with PayPal.Learn MoreXXXX
SandboxTry out payment applications (Website Payments, IPN and APIs) in this self-contained testing environment.Learn MoreXXXX
Web Services/API SuiteAutomate your payment processing and build new e-commerce applications with PayPal's APIs.Learn MoreXXXX
Get Transaction Details API:Get Transaction Details, via Transaction ID, at the time of payment or later.Learn MoreXXXX
Transaction Search APISearches across a range of transactions for certain criteria, such as date range or payment status, and returns a response.Learn MoreXXXX
Refund APIAutomates the refund process by accepting parameters for a refund and performing the refund.Learn MoreXXXX
Mass Pay API: Enables the sending of one or more payments at a time. This is a fast, flexible, and automated method to pay out multiple payments.Learn MoreXXXX
PayPal Developer NetworkProvides technical information and resources for an online community of PayPal developers and designers.Learn MoreXXXX
Buyer Protection
PayPal Buyer ProtectionBuy with confidence on eBay. When you use PayPal to purchase qualifying items on eBay, you can receive purchase protection at no additional cost.Learn MoreXXXUS, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK
Money Back GuaranteeBuy a Money Back Guarantee to protect your purchase of physical goods on selected transactions.Learn MoreXXX
Buyer Complaint ProcessVoice your concerns regarding purchases made through PayPal.Learn MoreXXXX
Global Payments
Currency ManagerManage your payments in multiple currencies. Accept, make payments or maintain a balance in one of these currencies:
  • Canadian dollars
  • Euros
  • British pounds
  • US dollars
  • Japanese yen
  • Australian dollars
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Swiss francs
  • Hong Kong dollars
  • Singapore dollars
  • Swedish kronor
  • Danish kroner
  • Polish zlotys
  • Norwegian kroner
  • Hungarian forints
  • Czech koruny
  • Israeli shekels
  • Mexican pesos
  • Brazilian Real (only for members resident in Brazil)
  • Malaysian Ringgits (only for members resident in Malaysia)
  • Philippine pesos
  • New Taiwan dollars
  • Thai baht
  • TRY for Turkish Lire (only for members resident in Turkey)
  • Russian rouble
  • Indian Rupees (only for members resident in India)
Learn MoreXXXXX
Language Preference ToggleChoose to use the PayPal site in a particular language; plus, get all PayPal emails in that language.XXXXXGermany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil
Sending Money
Send MoneySend money to anyone with an email address. Pay for eBay items and other goods and services.Learn MoreXXXX
Mass PayMake instant electronic payments to a large number of recipients at once.Learn MoreXXMexico, Argentina, Brazil
MobileSend money on your web-enabled mobile phone.XXXX
Buyer Tools
Pay for eBay Items (AuctionFinder)Quickly search eBay and pay for items that you've won.Learn MoreXXXX