A new way to withdraw funds from PayPal.

It’s now simpler to make withdrawals to any local bank* in Pesos Argentinos with your PayPal account.

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Link your preferred local Pesos Argentinos bank account and withdrawal funds directly from PayPal


Bank fees and processing time for PayPal withdrawals

Withdrawal TypeCurrencyFees
Withdrawing to your local bank account which takes 3-5 business daysARSARS 75.00 per withdrawal

Standard currency conversion applies, as per User Agreement

Withdrawing to your bank account based in the United StatesUSD3.5% withdrawal fee in USD

Additional currency conversion processing fees may apply for withdrawing a currency other than USD.

*Withdrawals to your bank account are made by our local regulated partners.

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For businesses

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and safeguard the security of your transaction upon submission of withdrawal with PayPal, you accept to share your contact information, transaction details and the documents listed below with JetPerú S.A. which will treat your information in accordance to its privacy statement. You also acknowledge that JetPerú S.A. will contact you for completing a mandatory document submission process to receive the funds in Argentina. PayPal will not have access or take responsibility on the information you share with JetPerú S.A.

Jet Perú, will reach out to you within one business day of a transaction being initiated to obtain the required documentation via e-mail (preferred) or mail.

They will ask if you are aware of a withdrawal under your name. After you confirm, they will ask for the sender name (your PayPal account name) and withdrawal amount. You may also be asked to provide the following documents based on the withdrawal amount.
from $5,000.00 USD equivalent and above per withdrawal or accumulative $10,000.00 USD equivalent within 30 days, the following will be collected:

  • Compliance form of Jet Perú
  • Copy of ID of legal rep. of the sender AND tax ID of the sender
  • Proof of source of funds

If you are unavailable at the time of the call, they will leave a message with a call back number. They will also continue to call once daily for 5 business days. If you are unable to provide the required documentation before the end of the 5th business day, your withdrawal will be canceled. After successful completion of the above, you can expect the funds in your local bank account within one business day.


How do I know that the caller is really from Jet Perú?

If you want to verify that the caller is a legitimate agent from our partners at Jet Perú, please ask the caller to provide the Tax/National ID that you supplied on the original withdrawal, and the agent will be able to share the last 4 digits of your Tax/National ID details for your verification.