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What is One Touch and how do I use it?

One TouchTM allows you to log in automatically on your phone, tablet, or computer for faster checkout at eligible sites. The feature is optional and keeps your financial information secure. To help you manage it, we'll automatically turn it off on any devices you haven't used in a while. 

You can activate One TouchTM in 2 ways:

  1. When you’re checking out with PayPal and initially log in, select "Stay logged in for faster purchases.” You’ll activate One TouchTM for that specific device and browser and for all eligible sites.
  2. Activate One TouchTM on our website. 

Here's how to deactivate One TouchTM:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Security. 
  3. Click Update next to "Auto Login."
  4. Click Turn off.

Don’t share your device if you're using One TouchTM. If your device is stolen, contact us immediately and log out of your PayPal account.

Get more OneTouchTM details.

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