Streamline your business operations with PayPal’s tools and resources

Mar 27 2023 | PayPal Editorial Staff

From PayPal reporting to dispute management, find out how PayPal’s tools and resources can help you manage your everyday tasks better so you can focus on growing your sales.

Operational processes are part and parcel of running a business. Whether it’s monitoring cash flow or preparing financial reports, these are all necessary administrative tasks that can consume a lot of time. And if your business is growing at a rapid pace, it’s even more essential to simplify these processes so your business can reach its highest potential while minimizing operational risks.

As such, we understand how crucial it is to streamline work processes and that’s where the PayPal Commerce Platform comes in. With a range of tools and resources designed to help you streamline your day-to-day operations, you’ll be able to run your business smoothly and achieve greater efficiency. The best part? This helps free up precious time so you can focus on growing your sales.

How can I streamline my operations with PayPal?

The PayPal Commerce Platform offers several solutions for streamlining work processes and managing everyday tasks with ease. This includes reporting, analytics, as well as inventory and account management tools—all of which you can conveniently manage from a single dashboard.

4 ways to streamline your operations with PayPal


Get transaction-level insights into your sales with
PayPal reporting.

Resolve buyer issues before it is escalated to a claim with
dispute management.

Keep customers informed with a personalized
Customer Service Message.

By creating additional users with individual permissions
Manage users.

Monitor your sales performance and cash flow with PayPal reporting

Planning to increase your sales or create a marketing programme? Do all that with greater precision by getting the data and insights that can help support your strategies with PayPal reporting. There are various reports and tools available—from sales insights to monthly statements—that allow you to track and measure your business growth. After all, the better you know your numbers, the smarter you can manage your business.

Here’s a summary of all the PayPal reporting tools you can access from your Business account:

  • Sales insights gives you a quick overview on how your business is performing.
  • Monthly statements let you view your consolidated balances each month.
  • PayPal balance report allows you to track the transactions that have impacted your daily opening and closing balances.
  • Disputes and chargebacks report lets you view the details of buyer issues associated with your account.
  • Transactions detail and settlement reports provide you with daily updates on transactions affecting your account balances.

Resolve cases raised by customers with dispute management

Disputes, claims, and chargebacks. These are just some of the types of cases that buyers can file against sellers when something goes wrong with their purchases. When this happens, they can open a case in the PayPal Resolution Center, which is where both parties can connect and work together to come to an agreeable solution. As for sellers, this also presents an opportunity for you to use good customer service to resolve an issue and prevent it from escalating into something larger. This in turn, can help you avoid costly claims and chargebacks that could affect your revenue.

Here are some of the steps you can find in dispute management that will help you manage buyer issues:

  • Resolving disputes. We’ll guide you on how to respond to them, depending on the type of issue.
  • Resolving claims and chargebacks. Our team of chargeback protection specialists will help you build a case to take to the card issuer, assuming you have good reason to dispute it.
  • Appealing a claim. Even when a claim is decided in the buyer’s favor, you may still be able to appeal it. The decision could be reversed if you have valid reasons and supporting evidence.

Learn more about dispute management and PayPal Resolution Center here.

Anticipate customers’ needs by setting up a Customer Service Message

Keep your customers satisfied throughout their shopping journey by pre-empting them about potential issues such as delayed deliveries or changes in shipping fees. You can do this by posting a personalized Customer Service Message that will be displayed to them before they decide to file a case. Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Provide contact information. Be sure to include your email and phone number so they can get in touch with you easily.
  • Be responsive. Don’t make your customers wait. Answer their queries as quickly as possible, in a professional manner.
  • Provide a clear return policy. Your return and refund policies should be easy to find and understand, with clear steps for your customers to follow.

Learn more about creating a Customer Service Message here.

Manage users by assigning individual permissions and delegating tasks

Staying in control of your business doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. With PayPal, you can create additional users (each with their own login and password) and assign over 20 individual permissions to delegate different tasks. For example, you can appoint certain staff members to handle payments and refunds, and have other employees manage customer communications. Besides lightening your workload and saving time, it’ll also help boost operational efficiency.

Learn more about how you can Manage Users through PayPal here.

Get Started

It’s easy to manage and streamline administrative tasks with PayPal—and you can do it conveniently from a single dashboard too. Start taking advantage of our tools and resources today, so you can run your business smoothly while helping it grow.

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