Our Approach to Social Innovation

Our Social Innovation efforts build upon our strong sense of commitment and purpose by harnessing and deploying our unique capabilities, resources and expertise to drive positive, lasting social impact through our business. We focus on three key areas: helping to advance the financial health of people and small businesses; increasing the volume and scale of charitable giving around the world; and, strengthening the communities in which we live and work.

The impact of our Social Innovation efforts is highlighted in PayPal’s 2019 Global Impact Report, which also covers our environmental sustainability, employees and culture, and responsible business practices.

Our Areas of Impact

Improving Financial Health

We believe everyone should be able to participate and thrive in the global economy. That’s why we’re committed to using our platform to democratize financial services and help improve financial health.

Powering Giving

We’re harnessing the power of our technology and scale to make giving part of everyday life, and enable unprecedented levels of support for charitable organizations around the world.

Strengthening Our Communities

We’re committed to contributing to strong inclusive communities in the places where we live and work. Around the world, our employees drive social impact through meaningful initiatives.

Global Impact

Further information on the impact we make every day to build an innovative and inclusive society, responsibly manage our environmental impact, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Visit Our Global Impact Website

Thought Leadership

Learn more about some of the global issues we care about, as well as our research publications and other partnerships in which we engage to make a difference.

Visit Our Public Policy Website

Environmental Sustainability

Discover how we are mobilizing our people and driving innovation to manage our environmental footprint and advance global environmental progress.

Visit Our Environmental Sustainability Website

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