Sell over the phone

Turn your computer into a credit card terminal

Simply log in to your PayPal account and instantly process phone, fax and mail orders online with Virtual Terminal. No credit card swipe machine or software needed, and you can use it anywhere you access the internet.

Accept credit cards virtually anywhere

Use Virtual Terminal wherever you have internet access – at your office, at home or even at the airport. To take a credit card order, simply log into your PayPal account and complete a secure order form. We’ll process the payment and send you and your customer a confirmation.

How it works

Stay on top of your orders

View easy-to-read reports of your account activity, quickly find a specific transaction and accept payments in up to 24 major currencies. All from one easy place – your PayPal account.

Low fees to keep you running

For just $200 HKD a month, you can get Virtual Terminal plus a customised checkout.We charge just a small percentage of each payment you receive.

Need a different solution?

Compare and choose the right payment solution for your business. Compare solutions.

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