Frequently Asked Questions

How does Payflow work?

It depends on the solution you choose. Payflow Link gives you secure order pages that you customize and we host. Payflow Pro lets you host the entire payment on your own website.

Does PayPal support my payment processor and shopping cart?

PayPal is pre-integrated to work with major processors and popular shopping carts. Payflow Pro is pre-integrated in more than a hundred shopping carts, and Payflow Link is currently integrated into these leading carts. Check out a complete list here.

How quickly do merchants get paid?

PayPal and PayPal Credit transactions are processed quickly, and the money usually shows up in your PayPal account within minutes. You can then transfer it to your bank account, spend it through PayPal, or use your PayPal Business Debit MasterCard. Depending upon your merchant account provider, credit card transactions typically fund between 1-3 business days.

What if I need to cancel?

Unlike some companies, PayPal won't hit you with cancellation fees or lock you into a long-term commitment. You can terminate your use of Payflow Payment Gateway at any time, although we'll be sorry to lose you.

Does Payflow work for card present payments?

Yes, you can use Payflow for all your in-person (swipe) orders. Plus, it includes a Virtual Terminal for processing phone, fax, and mail payments.

What support is offered?

Need technical support? Visit us at or call us at 1-888-883-9770. Our team is available 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM CDT, Monday – Friday.

How does Payflow help me manage PCI compliance?

Payflow Link takes a lot of the work out of meeting PCI requirements. All you need to do is fill out the short Security Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ-A). To help you complete these steps, PayPal works closely with PanOptic, a Visa- and MasterCard-certified security vendor for PCI certification services (enroll here).

With Payflow Pro, you can integrate using our Transparent Redirect feature to help reduce the burden of PCI compliance. With Transparent Redirect, all you need to do is fill out the SAQ-A form.

  • We recommend that you perform quarterly security scans.
  • For merchants using the embedded checkout template with Payflow Link, we also recommend integrating an SSL certificate into the page with the embedded template. This will give your shoppers the added confidence of purchasing on a page with a visible HTTPS: URL. (Note: while the Payflow Link page is secure and protected by the SSL certificate, the HTTPS URL will not be visible to buyers if you are using the embedded template.)

What checkout templates are available, and what can be customized?

Payflow offers an embedded checkout template that inserts right into your website, and you can customize text and button colors. We also offer two full-page checkout templates that can be customized with colors, logos, and graphics.

If you use the full-page templates, your buyers on iOS or Android mobile phones will automatically be redirected to a mobile-optimized template. If you use the embedded template, you can easily direct mobile buyers to a mobile version with just a small code change.

The use of checkout templates is required at the Payflow Link level of service, and they are optional at the Payflow Pro level of service. Payflow Pro merchants are able to remove the PayPal and PayPal Credit buttons from the templates – but then you’d miss out on the chance for incremental sales from the million shoppers who choose PayPal as a method of payment.

How can Payflow help me handle recurring and repeat payments?

Payflow can help you handle recurring payments in two ways. With either Payflow Link or Payflow Pro, you can process reference transactions for no additional fee beyond the regular transaction fee. Or, for only $10/month, you can add our Recurring Billing service to more easily bill for repeated payments, like installments or subscriptions.

What is the Recurring Billing Service?

Recurring Billing is a PayPal add-on service that bills each of your customers according to the payment schedule and payment information you've specified through the PayPal Manager or Payflow Pro Software Development Kit (SDK). The Recurring Billing Service is available with Payflow Link and Payflow Pro.

What types of payments do merchants use for Recurring Billing Service?

Recurring Billing Service is ideal for regularly scheduled payments, such as installment payments, subscriptions, and membership dues. You can take full control over how and when these payments take place in order to improve renewals and reduce late payments. Recurring Billing Service adds customer convenience, provides a professional look, and helps you manage your cash flow.

How do I implement Recurring Billing Service?

Recurring Billing is integrated with Payflow Link and Payflow Pro. Using PayPal Manager or the Payflow API, you can quickly and easily setup schedules for recurring payments and create customer profiles to be billed. You can set rules for your merchant profile and each of your customers, such as when to notify you or the customer upon successful payment.

If you already have Payflow Pro or Payflow Link, contact our sales department at 1-877-579-5977 to add Recurring Billing.

How does Express Checkout work?

If you already accept credit cards online, add our payment button to your site to better service the millions of shoppers who prefer paying with PayPal. Customers can conveniently pay from their PayPal balance, debit or credit card, or bank account. The PayPal logo also reassures buyers who may be unfamiliar with your website. Plus, our built-in mobile checkout means your smartphone customers will also be happy. As the merchant, you get paid right away – funds are transferred into your PayPal account usually within minutes.

How does PayPal Credit work?

With PayPal Credit, customers can buy now and pay over time with special financing for 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. Best of all, PayPal Credit customers tend to spend more and buy more often—helping to increase your sales and average order value. As the merchant, you get paid in full up front.

What international capabilities does Payflow have?

Payflow is currently available for merchants residing in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With Payflow, you can accept credit card payments in any currency supported by your processor and accept PayPal payments from 202 countries around the globe.

Currently, the Payflow Link checkout templates are available only in US English.

What tools are available to help me manage fraud?

Basic Fraud Protection Service is included in your Payflow account. Or, for $10/more per month + $0.05 per transaction, you can upgrade to our Advanced Fraud Protection Service for even greater protection.

How will Fraud Protection Services help me run my business more efficiently?

Every merchant knows that good security is a necessary cost of doing business. Controlling those costs is essential to the efficiency and profitability of your business. Fraud Protection Services provides a systematic and proactive method for maintaining strong security. You'll also have the proper security and controls in place to give you confidence to scale your business and perform more transactions with legitimate customers that you may have turned away in the past as suspicious.

When am I liable for transactions when I have Fraud Protection enabled?

As an online merchant, you are liable for every payment you receive. In the brick-and-mortar world, merchants are not liable for credit card fraud when the card issuer authorizes the transaction and the store owner gets a valid signature. In the online world, merchants are responsible for all chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. That means proper security is your responsibility, not the bank's.

How does Fraud Protection work?

Fraud Protection Services use fraud filters, password management, lists of allowed IPs, security audits, and advanced features like Buyer Authentication to proactively combat online theft at key points of entry. The packages offer a suite of technologies from authentication to rules engines to provide comprehensive and layered security. PayPal bases these security features on the most current and rigorous research and analysis.

What's the difference between Basic and Advanced Fraud Protection?

Basic Fraud Protection Service is a starter security package designed for merchants with low transaction volumes or less sophisticated risk management needs. Basic Fraud Protection is included at no additional cost within both Payflow Gateway products. Advanced Fraud Protection Service includes additional fraud filters that meet the higher security needs of merchants with mid- to high-level transaction volumes or merchants selling products in a high-risk category (such as consumer electronics, prepaid calling cards). Advanced Fraud Protection can be added to the Payflow Gateway for $10 per month, with an additional cost of only $0.05 per transaction.

How do I set up and configure Fraud Protection Services to work with my online business?

Fraud Protection Services are designed to be easy to set up and configure. Both Basic and Advanced Fraud Protection Services use PayPal Manager to setup rules and filters. You can set the service to allow you to manually approve any “filtered” transaction via Manager or use the API for complete unattended rules/filter management.

Do I get liability protection with every transaction?

No. While PayPal Fraud Protection Services significantly reduces your chances of experiencing online fraud, PayPal does not directly provide liability protection.

Are there any eligibility requirements for Fraud Protection Services?

Yes. Fraud Protection Services have a few eligibility requirements:
• Merchants must process payments using the Payflow Gateway (Payflow Pro or Payflow Link)
• Must not be using one of the following processors:
   • Global Payments Central
   • PayPal Australia
   • PayPal

What is Buyer Authentication and how does it protect my business?

When an online merchant integrates Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode Buyer Authentication programs into their payment process, cardholders are required to confirm their identities by entering a password. The card issuer then validates that password to ensure that the legitimate cardholder is requesting the purchase. If the cardholder is authenticated, Visa and MasterCard give the merchant liability protection on that transaction. This service can be added to the Payflow Gateway for $10 per month, with an additional cost of only $0.10 per transaction.

How secure is my customers' payment information?

All scheduled payment information is stored in a customer profile hosted on PayPal's secure systems. With emerging compliance standards from different card brands, using PayPal allows you to securely store and manage your customer's sensitive payment information, so you don't have to worry about keeping up with and implementing new data security compliance standards.

What processors does Payflow support?

The following processors are supported by Payflow:
•  American Express APAC (AMXA)
•  American Express Phoenix (AMEX)
•  Elavon (formerly NOVA)
•  First Data Merchant Services Nashville (NASH)
•  First Data Merchant Services North (NORT)
•  First Data Merchant Services South (SOUT)
•  First Data TeleCheck (TELN)
•  Global Payment Central (MAPP)
•  Global Payments East (NDCE)
•  Heartland Payment Systems (HTLD)
•  Litle (LITL)
•  Merchant e-Solutions (MESP)
•  Moneris (MONE)
•  Paymentech Salem (New Hampshire) (PAYT)
•  Paymentech Tampa (TMPA)
•  PayPal Australia (FDRA)
•  SecureNet (SNET)
•  TSYS Acquiring Solutions (formerly Vital) (VITA)
•  Vantiv (formerly Fifth Third Processing Solutions) (FIFT)
•  World Pay (WPAY)

What currencies are supported?

Payflow supports the following currencies:
•  Australian Dollars
•  Brazilian Reais
•  British Pounds
•  Canadian Dollars
•  Czech Koruny
•  Danish Kroner
•  Euros
•  Hong Kong Dollars
•  Hungarian Florints
•  Israeli New Shekels
•  Japanese Yen
•  Mexican Pesos
•  New Taiwan Dollars
•  New Zealand Dollars
•  Norwegian Kroner
•  Philippine Pesos
•  Polish Zlotys
•  Singapore Dollars
•  Swedish Kronor
•  Swiss Franc
•  Thai Baht
•  U.S. Dollars

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