Turn your phone into a mobile wallet.

Order ahead so you can get your goodies without the wait and get on with your day. Simply select the store from available stores, pick your payment method, and check out on your phone. Your order will be ready when you show up. No signing, no lines, yes please.

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Step to the front of the line.

We buy you time and convenience at checkout. Our mobile wallet app works in line just like online, to get you in your digital wallet and out the door.

All of your payment options, in one secure place.

When you shop using PayPal, your PayPal account helps protect your financial details and cards, better than carrying it around in a real wallet. All your financial information is securely in your digital wallet, and not shared with merchants each purchase. Just remember your login information, and forget your wallet.

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“I paid with PayPal and didn't even have to take my wallet out of my pocket.”

Jason O, Washington, DC

We can help you at the register.

Select the store, pick how you want to pay, and show the cashier the app code so they can scan it as payment. Our app's mobile payment system is almost as easy as waiting for someone to count out your change.

Tap into your money.

Our app carries the full power of your online account in your mobile device. You can pay directly from the app at participating retailers, check your balance, or send money to just about anyone, the funds go quickly into their PayPal account and if they don't have one, opening one is easy.

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Pay through the app, not through the nose. Buying is usually free around these parts.