Supreet N.
Manager, Software Development

How has your career grown at PayPal?
I’m an engineer at heart and PayPal’s given me the opportunity to grow into a technology and business leader. Through the Technology Leadership Program, I’ve worked for the past two years on developing our cloud infrastructure for developers, sales engineering, integrating PayPal’s API into the payment process of leading social networks and immersing myself in Sydney’s offline payments technology. I also had the chance to start leading PayPal’s Android apps team and will be taking this on as my full-time job after the program.

I feel like a different person after these two years. The program was great for my professional technical growth and gave me an opportunity to travel, live outside of my comfort zone and learn so much about people and different cultures. It made me more global in my thinking.

How has PayPal helped you grow as a leader?
My management style is more realistic, I would say. My experience at PayPal helped me understand how developers think and work. From that point of view, I’m going to be on their side. There’s no shortage of cool, interesting and challenging problems for us to tackle. Engineers want a very juicy problem put in front of them and they want to solve it. I recognize that because I have been in that boat. I make sure they are enabled to do their magic.

For you, what’s the best part of working at PayPal?
I’m invested in the company because the company is invested in me. If I want to try something new or take on a new challenge, there is room inside of PayPal to grow.

In terms of technology, PayPal has always been an innovation leader on the payments side. Think of anything payments and PayPal does it. The payments industry is in a huge state of flux and adaptation. I’m enjoying that ride from a technology point of view.

We’ve always been at the intersection of being a very strong software company and a very strong financial company at the same time, which is rare.

I’ve also made a lot of lifelong friendships here. 

What’s one thing people may not know about what it’s like to work at PayPal?
The amount of exposure we have to top leadership is very different. CEO’s, CTO’s… they sit by you and work with you even if you’re junior in the company. They are amazingly well connected. 

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