Lisa S.
Director, UK Consumer Products

Is there a particular initiative you’re proud of working on at PayPal?
Probably the one I’m most proud of is getting PayPal Credit launched in the UK. That was a real milestone. It was a pretty phenomenal collaborative effort across the globe, with 600 people from different functions working closely together to deliver despite challenging regulations in our market. Everyone was an equal partner building the product. There was a real concentration of effort and a very clear plan of what we needed to achieve and when.

From this first milestone, how has your work on this product grown?
We’re now working to launch PayPal Credit in Germany and Australia. I feel really proud that we’ve been able to take our learnings from our work in the UK and make PayPal Credit available to more people in more countries. It’s been a constantly evolving process and a product that gets better and better with every launch in a new country. 

What ideas and experiences are you working on now? 
We’re doing a lot of research to understand how we can better serve our customers in new ways and to define the next wave of products. I have been interviewing people in the UK and Italy recently. I’ve been going to their homes, hearing their stories, learning about their finances, how they live and how they manage their money. From that, we try to understand what we might do better that meets their needs that they have, help to solve pain points. 

How has PayPal helped you grow your career?
I’ve had the chance to work on a broad spectrum of projects- from the first pricing initiative we’d ever done, to reassessing what our portfolio should look like, to working on government projects and brining new consumer products to life. The spectrum of things I’ve worked on has pushed me out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. It’s been really rewarding and helped me continuously grow and learn.

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