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Setting Up Your Tax and Shipping

Setting up tax and shipping profiles will help you charge your customers easily and accurately.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Set up sales tax rates.

    You can have a separate sales tax for each of the 50 U.S. states, or other provinces, territories or countries. Simply click “Add New Sales Tax” for Domestic or International Rates to get started. Click here to set up your sales tax.

  2. Set your shipping information.

    Your shipping information is where you can update the address you are shipping from, your shipping carrier preferences, return labels and other details. Click here to update your shipping information.

  3. Set your shipping rates.

    Your shipping rates are how much you charge customers to ship their item. For single items, you can use flat-rate shipping or charge an incremental shipping fee when customers order more than one.

    For more complex shipping rates you can use the PayPal Shipping Calculator to set your shipping rates based on order amount (monetary value), order weight or item quantity. You can also set profiles for different states or regions. Click here to see our guide to using the PayPal Shipping Calculator.

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