Clear, simple pricing

2.7% per US card swipe.
3.5% + $0.15 to key in cards.
2.9% + $0.30 to invoice.
1.5% for cross-border transfers.

Accept more payment types

Accept credit and debit cards instantly, or send an invoice to get paid later. You can even record cash and check transactions from the app.

Live customer support

Our knowledgeable team is here to help whenever you have a question, available on either your phone or via email. It’s your choice.

No long-term commitment

Download the app, get set up quick, and pay as you sell. There are no monthly fees, setup fees, cancelation fees, or processing minimums.


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Select a card reader

Choose the reader that’s right for you.

Both our card readers are powered by the PayPal Here app. Choose the chip card reader for enhanced fraud protection or the mobile card reader to accept magnetic stripe cards.


Mobile Card Reader

  • Accepts credit and debit magnetic stripe cards
  • Available on iOS®, Android, and Windows® devices
  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet’s audio jack
  • First reader free, additional readers $14.99 each


Chip Card Reader

  • Accepts payments from cards with magnetic stripe or EMV chip and contactless payments like Apple Pay
  • Available on iOS® and Android devices
  • Connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
  • See Pricing

Be ready to take all kinds of payments.

One device accepts all major payment types – no matter how your customers choose to pay. The PayPal Chip Card Reader can process traditional magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards, and NFC payments like Apple Pay. It provides merchants with more fraud protection and peace of mind.

Emv Payment types

  Chip Card

Soon, all US cards will contain EMV chip technology. This anti-fraud protection creates a unique code for every transaction.

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Near Field Communication payments, like Apple Pay, use the same technology and are just as secure as chip cards.

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  Magnetic Stripe

All credit cards and debit cards will continue to have magnetic stripes in case a merchant does not have an EMV chip card reader.

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Getting Started

Got your PayPal Chip Card Reader? Follow these four simple steps to start getting paid.

See the full steps here

Taking Payments

One device takes it all. Now your business can accept EMV chip cards, NFC payments like Apple Pay, and magnetic stripe cards.

Learn more about payments

About the Card Reader

Together with the PayPal Here app, the Chip Card Reader is an easy, quick, secure way to process payments on the go.

Get to know your reader
EMV Card reader

Download Here. Get paid almost anywhere.

Our chip card reader pairs with the PayPal Here app. If you haven’t already, sign up for PayPal Here, download the current version of the app and purchase your chip card reader. You’ll be ready to accept EMV chip cards, contactless payments like Apple PayTM, and magnetic stripe cards all from one device. Give your customers payment choices and help reduce your exposure to fraud with the PayPal Chip Card Reader.

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Use PayPal Here to run your business anywhere you work. It’s all at your fingertips.

Get paid on either card reader with the PayPal Here app

The PayPal Here app is available on iPhone/iPad, select Android and Windows phones/tablets. The PayPal Chip Card Reader is currently not available for Windows phones or tablets.

Download from Windows Phone Store Currently only available for the PayPal Mobile Card Reader

The PayPal Here Mobile Card Reader is compatible with select iOS, Android, and Windows 8.1 tablets and smartphones.

The PayPal Chip Card Reader can be used with any Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android mobile device running PayPal Here.

You can use iOS (iPhone 3GS and later) devices running iOS version 7.0 and later and iPad devices running iOS version 7.0 and later.

An Android device running PayPal Here will need to have:
• Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later
• 3.5 mm headset jack with microphone
• Support for Location Services
• Internet access (via WiFi or cellular data network)

Android Tablets
PayPal Here is supported on many Android tablets. See the list below for some of the compatible devices.
• Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10"
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7"
• Samsung Nexus 10"

Windows-only compatible with the PayPal Here Mobile Card Reader
PayPal Here is supported on many tablets and smartphones that run Windows 8.1. See the list below for some of the compatible devices.
• Surface Pro 3, 2, and RT
• HP Elitepad 1000
• Asus Vivotab Note 8
• Dell Venue Pro 8
• Nokia Lumia 1520
• Nokia Lumia 830
• Nokia Lumia 635
• Nokia Lumia 630
• Nokia Lumia 520
• BLU Win HD

No worries if your tablet isn’t shown; a quick app download and reader test will indicate whether PayPal Here works with your tablet. We recommend doing this prior to purchasing a new device just to be sure it is compatible.