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eBay Users Saving Animals a Dollar at a Time

In 2005, Alana Miller adopted a kitten named Louie. He wasn’t an ordinary kitten – an earlier eye infection had left him blind – but Miller was surprised by how well he got around, and how quickly he became a fundamental part of the family. Little did she know how much Louie would change not only her life, but the lives of dozens of similar cats.

While adopting Louie, Miller learned how many blind cats there were in shelters; most were considered unadoptable. She founded Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary to provide “hope and dignity to creatures no one else cares about.”

In its first year, Blind Cat Rescue existed largely thanks to Miller’s dedication. But in 2006, a local eBay seller introduced Miller to eBay Give at Checkout, which makes it easy for eBay buyers to donate to featured charities as part of a PayPal purchase. To Miller’s amazement, buyers from around the world donated $36,000 – mostly $1 at a time – doubling the charity’s annual donations in just a few weeks. With the funds, the organization built a no-kill sanctuary housing more than 40 cats. And in 2011, thanks to continued donations, Miller opened a second building housing 36 cats living with the FEL and FIV viruses.

Miller is grateful for the money, but also for the visibility eBay and PayPal have brought to Blind Cat Rescue. “Being featured on eBay let even more people know we existed,” which in turn brought more volunteers and donors to the shelter. And because of that, more cats now have the dignity and comfort of a loving home.

How you can help

Want to help Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary save and care for blind and FEL/FIV-positive cats? Make this charity a favorite at eBay Giving Works and give at checkout.