Confirm your business

Proof of identity

To help ensure PayPal remains a safer place for all customers to transact,we may ask you to confirm your business information and your identity at some point.

This is similar to what a bank does when you sign up for an account. It may occur when you open your PayPal account or when you perform transactions. By helping us with this process, you’ll help keep PayPal a safer place to send and receive payments online.

Why is there a limitation on my account?

If we do need proof of identity documents from you, or documentation about your business, we may limit your access to certain PayPal services until we receive your documentation and confirm your identity. This may include limiting your ability to send,withdraw or receive funds.

Tip: Keep your personal and contact details updated on your PayPal account. It’ll help speed up the process so your limitation won’t apply for as long.

Can I speak to someone?

If you have any queries about your account circumstances,please Email Us or Call our support at (852) 3550 8574 Mon - Fri: 9am - 10pm Sat, Sun & public holidays: 9am - 6pm.

What details do PayPal confirm?

The type of business documentation we require depends on the type of business you have. Find out what you’ll need to provide.

We’ll also need to confirm the full name, date of birth and residential address for your primary authorised user. If you add additional users, we may also ask you to provide documents to confirm their identity. This generally happens when you add the new user or grant an additional user transactional (money moving) privileges

How does PayPal confirm my identity?

We’ll try to confirm the full name, residential address and date of birth of you and your additional users electronically. If we’re unsuccessful in this, we’ll request documentation from you.

How do I submit documents PayPal require?

You can upload your documents to your account through the PayPal website quickly and easily in our Resolution Centre, or fax them to us. If you’re a sole trader, you can also opt to have them reviewed in person at an Australia Post branch. Once submitted, we’ll review your documentation and respond within 2 business days.

Already confirmed your business?

Some organisations may be required to provide further documentation in order for us to complete our due diligence. This further account review process applies to a number of organisations including, but not limited to:

  • Political organisations
  • Charities
  • Associations and non-profit organisations
  • Financial service organisations

Other PayPal accounts may also be subject to this process, such as accounts that:

  • Receive donations
  • Involve complex organisational or ownership structures
  • Relate to Trust structures
  • Involve activities that are either prohibited or require pre-approval under the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy.

The types of documents we need will vary depending on the nature of the account activity or business operation and the structure of your business. During the course of the review we may email you asking for additional information. The list of documents we need may also be added to during the review, even after you’ve submitted documentation, so please check the Resolution Centre regularly.