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How do I access my charity dashboard and view donor information?

Log in to the dashboard using your charity's PayPal account credentials or via the PayPal Giving Fund website.

Donor information is available in your PayPal Giving Fund dashboard, if the donor has opted to share their contact information. Click the Activity tab to see the date of the donation, donor name, email address and amount donated.

Your charity needs to be enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund to access the dashboard. 

Donations Tab

Here you can view:

  • Total monthly and yearly donations granted to your charity
  • Which programs your charity has benefited from and how much was raised
  • Pending donations to be granted in the next payout (by clicking Pending Donations)
Activity Tab
  • View individual donations granted to your charity
  • Export existing payout data by searching 30 days at a time and download a CSV file
Profile Tab:
  • Update your charity profile and contact details
  • Opt in to receive marketing information from PayPal Giving Fund and our partners

If you aren't a PayPal customer and have further questions about PayPal Giving Fund, please contact us.

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