Why am I receiving emails from PayPal when I don’t have an account?

You may be receiving emails from us because a PayPal account has been registered with your email.
Someone may have mistakenly added it to their account when they signed up, either mistyping it or intentionally entering an email that wasn’t theirs.
Or it was recycled by a domain provider like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. If you have an email account and stop using it for a while, the domain provider can reissue the email address to the public and allow it to be used again by someone else.
If you want to stop receiving those emails, send us a message at UnsolicitedEmail@paypal.com.   
  • Email us using the email address that you’re receiving PayPal emails
  • Include a statement acknowledging you don’t have a PayPal account and would like your email removed from the PayPal system
If you’re not sure the email you received is from PayPal, check our tips to learn more about email phishing and how to spot a fake email.