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PayPal is the faster, easier, more secure way to get paid. Set up a PayPal business account and tap into the millions of active buyers who look for the PayPal way to pay.

  • Your customers don’t need a PayPal account
  • Signup is fast and setup is easy
  • Clear pricing, no hidden fees Fee details

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It takes just a few easy steps.

Provide a better experience for your customers.

PayPal is always free for your customers to make a purchase. They don't even need a PayPal account and can pay you in up to 25 currencies. And with our built-in mobile checkout, your smart phone customers will be happy, too.

Setup is easy with your solution provider.

PayPal is pre-integrated with top e-commerce platforms. If you already accept credit cards online, you can add it as an alternative way to pay or you can make it the sole method of payment on your site. Once you sign up with PayPal, simply follow your solution provider's instructions on how to add PayPal payments to your site.

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