Who we are

PayPal Inc.'s Global Government Relations team represents the interests of PayPal and its community before governments around the world. Our team members, comprised of first class government relations specialists and policy analysts, are located in eight different countries and cover all jurisdictions in which PayPal is active. The team is led by Richard Nash, Head of Global Government Relations, and is part of the PayPal Corporate Affairs Group led by Vice-President Franz Paasche.

Our team’s mission is to: 1) work with lawmakers to open markets and remove barriers for consumers and merchants; 2) establish PayPal as a knowledge resource and thought-leader in the payments arena; and 3) protect PayPal and the communities we serve from undue regulatory and legislative burdens. In short: we strive to protect PayPal and the consumers and merchants we serve through advocacy and by working with legislators and policymakers across the globe to share and fulfill our company’s mission.

U.S. Political Contributions & Disclosures

In line with this philosophy, PayPal's Government Relations team believes it is important to disclose our lobbying and political activity in a clear and transparent fashion. Please click on one of the following links to find detailed information regarding the Company’s political contributions and expenditures, as well as PayPal's internal policies regarding political contributions and expenditures, lobbying and political activities. Please note: all of PayPal political contributions promote the interests of the company and will be made without regard for private political preferences of executives.

Contact Us

For more information on PayPal’s Government Relations team and our public policy work, please email us at public_policy@paypal.com.