Lavu POS + PayPal. Just right for running a restaurant.

Lavu’s iPad point-of-sale restaurant management system is a leading mobile POS for restaurants and bars, used by thousands of restaurants in 89 countries.

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Call Lavu at 1-855-767-5288

PayPal makes Lavu’s POS for restaurants even better.

Lavu POS software has hundreds of features supported by a cloud-based management system—so you get a streamlined, intuitive interface and centralized data storage with management in full control. PayPal is fully integrated, so you can securely accept most forms of in-person payments with PayPal’s Chip Card Reader.

Why choose Lavu as your POS system?

Satisfy customers

Lavu’s POS for restaurants gives you the tools you need to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Sell quickly

Lavu’s iPad POS system offers speed and fluidity to help you reduce waiting time and enhance customer experience.

Train easier

Lavu POS software helps you optimize the training and onboarding process.

Stay on track

Lavu’s POS for iPad offers a full suite of management features.

Make it your own

You can customize your menu and restaurant layouts—and choose from dozens of languages.

Rest easy

With Lavu’s fully optimized restaurant POS software solutions, you can focus on your business.

Get started with Lavu and PayPal in three simple steps:


Sign up for a Lavu POS account.

Call Lavu at 1-855-767-5288 or start a free trial. See terms.


Sign up for a PayPal account.

Go through Lavu’s admin portal or call PayPal at 1-855-456-1321.


Link Lavu and PayPal.

Log into your Lavu account, select PayPal as your payment processor, and purchase a reader.

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