PayPal can help you expand your business across borders and around the globe. Take a look at the real-life case studies below to learn how we helped merchants just like you expand their international sales.


Starting small is the approach Sarah Davis, owner of Fashionphile, recommends. She started selling on eBay and today does more than $15M in annual revenue, with 30% of her sales coming from international buyers. Her advice:

"Just sell one item internationally. eBay and PayPal allow you to put your toe in the water and get used to [selling internationally], and then amp up from there."

— Sarah Davis, Owner

Snow Sport Deals

Expanding into cross-border sales has helped Snow Sport Deals make every day a snow day for its customers. Chris Chapman, co-founder and CEO of this $1.5 million company, explains why PayPal is his perfect solution:

"PayPal is like clockwork, and international transactions are usually within minutes. It’s a no-brainer for businesses to offer to consumers."

— Chris Chapman, Co-founder and CEO

The Pro’s Closet

Owner Nick Martin keeps the wheels of his business spinning by selling pre-owned gear to cyclists worldwide. Find out how he does it with a little help from eBay and PayPal and hear his advice for other business owners hoping to expand internationally:

"Our most valuable tools for selling internationally are PayPal and eBay. Without those tools it would be impossible for us to reach [customers] in those markets."

— Nick Martin, Owner

Revive IT

Revive IT, formerly known as Nationwide Surplus, has earned a 400% revenue increase since 2011 and generated US$4.8 million in revenue in 2014 alone. Co-owner, Christopher Ko, explains how PayPal contributed to the success of their business.

"We sell electronics internationally. In this world where fraudulent transactions are rampant, PayPal may be one of the only beacons of comfort I have as a business owner."

— Christopher Ko, Co-Owner


Penzu, the online journaling platform, started as a small idea in 2009 and has now grown into a lifestyle embraced by a million people across 202 countries, including Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and Germany.

"Over 2 billion people are online today, and that number is growing fast. PayPal has helped us reach a wide audience – globally."

— Alexander Mimran, Owner


Establishing one of the largest, American-made undershirt brands available, Mike and his wife Kim built an exclusively online brand that has attracted a loyal, global customer base including major celebrities.

"Our largest international customer bases are located in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. RibbedTee’s biggest goal is to continue to grow those markets while expanding our reach to other parts of the globe – and we couldn’t do that without the help of PayPal."

— Mike Schwarz, Owner

Hut Shopping

Former business management students Andre Beelmann and Thomas Klatt took their first steps into the real world of commerce by selling self-embroidered hats from their parents’ houses in Westphalia, Germany. As sales took off, they dropped the stitches and set up their own online hat shop.

"We’ve started running mobile-optimized pages and payments for our international shops and make 40% of our sales abroad."

— Thomas Klatt, Owner