About PayPal's Global Investigations Team

As one of the world’s leading payment services, PayPal Holdings, Inc.’s global portfolio of businesses enables hundreds of millions of people pay online. PayPal Holdings, Inc. established the Global Investigations Team to promote the safe use of its platforms, enhance the user experience and to collaborate with local, national and international law enforcement in apprehending and prosecuting criminals.

How to work with the Global Investigations Team

Law Enforcement agencies in North America seeking assistance and records for investigations relating to PayPal may contact the Global Investigations Team. We have created a series of robust tools and systems in order to streamline the request process and members of law enforcement have the following resources available:

Submit a request to one of our investigators via our online portal. Please note: we will not respond to official requests received by email or mail. Official requests should be submitted through our Safety Hub – PayPal Law Enforcement Tool.

Email us at Lawenforcement@paypal.com for questions on how to accurately request records.

Resources for Customer

If you are a non-law enforcement official, please use the following links:

PayPal Customer Support

PayPal Holdings, Inc. Privacy Statement and Law Enforcement Disclosure

We care deeply about the privacy of our PayPal customers and will protect the privacy of our members even while working closely with law enforcement to prevent criminal activity. If you are unsure about our privacy practices, please visit PayPal’s Security Center for more information.

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