Keeping and supporting women in technology is important to us, so we’re offering new ways to attract and train talent.

At PayPal, we are rethinking how to provide diverse solutions to real-world challenges. Through the Recharge program, we encourage skilled technologists who have taken a career break for personal or family reasons to feel equipped to return to the workforce. There are two ways to participate in Recharge. One path is through the 16 week paid program, and the second is through a bootcamp. Recharge is designed to increase our inclusive technology workforce, while also giving individuals who want to return to work an opportunity to expand their experience and network. All interested applicants are welcome to apply to PayPal’s Recharge program. PayPal is committed to empowering talented people from every background and perspective to thrive. PayPal’s Recharge program is built in partnership with Path Forward.

PayPal has an ongoing commitment to build a strong and inclusive organization as well as support and encourage those who have been out of the workforce to pursue technical careers.

Through Recharge, we offer the opportunity to participate in a bootcamp and apply for a 16-week paid program geared toward helping qualified technologists make a smooth transition back into the workforce. We understand applicants may not have current industry experience, so our Recharge program is designed to facilitate the ramp-up process. The bootcamp offers an opportunity to sharpen skills.

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