Emile M.
Supervisor, Risk Operations

I work on:
Creating efficiency within our internal processes while holding our teammates to the highest quality standards.

Is there a particular project or initiative you’re proud of working on at PayPal?
The diversity and inclusion program. We are a global company and as such, it is imperative to ensure that we have a diversity and inclusion culture in order to be successful.

What ideas and experiences are you working on now? 
I am currently working with our Operation Excellence partners and Risk and Policy to find additional opportunities to increase efficiency within our chargebacks process in order to increase our customers’ win rate. This project will not only improve customer experience, but will also increase shareholders’ value. It is a win for both sides and exciting to make a difference in our customers’ lives.

What are some of the big, risk-related challenges facing our industry?
Cybersecurity is the first one that comes to mind. This risk has always been a threat to businesses; however, with the advance of technology, and the internet-connected world that we live in, the number of cyber-attacks on businesses online and offline has increased in the last few years. Because our business is technology-based, we always have to be two steps ahead to protect our customer’s information. The industry will not sustain if we cannot provide a safe and secure environment to our customers. It is our responsibility to keep our customer’s information safe.

What excites you about working at PayPal?
Knowing that every action that I take when I walk into this building will impact a family member, a friend, or someone at the other end of the world. I feel that it’s my duty to make a positive impact on people’s lives and working at PayPal gives me that opportunity. I can’t ask for a better place to work.

How has your career evolved with PayPal?
I started at PayPal as a Customer Service agent helping our customers on the phone, and worked my way up the ladder through personal dedication and support from the leadership team. One thing that I learn through my career at PayPal is that we set our own limits as far as career development. The leadership team will support your goals as long as you own your development and perform your functions to help the company succeed. I believe that you have to be ambitious, have the desire to challenge yourself, and are willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to succeed in life. Always thrive to be best at what you do and learn from your past mistakes.

Is there anything else related to your role or experience at PayPal you want to share?
Every day when I walk in here, there is one thing that I am always sure about: something will come through my inbox, or from my team, peers, or from the customer that will challenge my simple mind. It has been almost 10 years now that I have been making this bet with myself; I have not lost yet.

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